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Międzynarodowy Konkurs Słoneczna Zakładka 2012 - Moja ulubiona książka Międzynarodowy Konkurs Słoneczna Zakładka 2012 - Moja ulubiona książka

The International Art Contest "Sunshine Bookmark 2012"

“My favorite book”

The contest “The Sunshine Bookmark” has been organised since 2007 by Public Library in Ursus District of the city of Warsaw in Poland. This year the contest was the part of the project “ABC - Art of the Book for Children” in which the following institutions participate:
1. International Institute for Children Literature and Reading Promotion, Vienna, Austria
2. Association Child’s Friend, Sofia, Bulgaria (coordinator of the ABC project)
3. Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library, Ruse, Bulgaria
4. The Art Gallery of Ruse, Ruse, Bulgaria
5. Public Library in Ursus District, Warsaw, Poland
6. Media Education Centre, Belgrade, Serbia

The theme of the contest was “My favorite book”

The purpose of the contest was:

• to develop children’s imagination and art creation.
• to show how big inspiration for children can be reading books as well as watching illustrations.
• to develop children’s art skills using various materials for creating own works
• to convey the message about book as art work.
• to make children aware of different issues important for creating the book such as illustrations, covers, fonts, plots, size, colours.
• to develop creativeness of children by comparing differences between the art project of the bookmark made using various materials and traditional bookmarks being result of the conversion of the original art project.

• The contest was open to boys and girls in 5 age groups
• The subject of the contest were the art projects of the bookmarks on theme “My favorite book” using all available techniques such as: colored pencils, crayons, water color, colored markers, pastels, glass, decoupage, and cut-out coloured paper, photos, collage etc.
• Nominated and awarded art projects, electronically converted into traditional bookmarks, were printed and disseminated among the participants of the contest

Invitation for contest